No Assault on Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari now wants to pose himself as the next in line of the terrorists to gain sympathies in the people, who are fast forgetting that he is the spouse of the assassinated two time prime minister of Pakistan, and people are more remembering as how he has captured everything.

Additional District and Sessions Judge (South) Irfan Hussain Siddiqui on Tuesday declared the defunct Accountability Bureau chief Saifur Rehman, his brother and various police officials as proclaimed offenders in the case pertaining to attempt to murder Asif Ali Zardari, now the President of Pakistan, during his incarceration in 1999.

But now Asif Ali Zardari is also having a go at the authorities and saying that Marriott blast was aimed at him. He, Rehman Malik and his prime minister are at last on the same sync and frequency, though earlier they had other ideas of their own, express publicly.

They should also make a committee of it under the head of Farooq H. Naek.

2 thoughts on “No Assault on Zardari”

  1. I have come back to this forum after a long long time … a long time i took to see what all was going on .. a long time to cry and shed tears on what our country is going through ….
    Here i take this opportunity to welcome you to the Brand New Democratic Pakistan. A Pakistan that we, the people chose, so badly wanted …. Cha Cha not only shed away his uniform, he also was forced out of the Presidency …. and VIOLA … we have a new President …. a President that i personally think is a Joke … a President who Spells GOD as “GOAD” and Strength as “Strent” and that too a slap on the face of the father of the Nation….. just to let him know …. here you go OLD MAN….. i am here and my god is GOAD and my strength is STRENT …. but hey why am i complaining … … did we not choose him to be here … as of now i am listening to a song from Veer ZARA …. an indian effort of making us all believe again that Pakistan and India should not have been separated ….. i never believed in it .. but the way our President was meeting Mr Manmohan Singh in New York .. may be … the movie was right all along …… we are blaming the Indians in Official Statements and at the same time .. our President, representing our COuntry the Paksitan …. was hugging their Prime Minister as if he was Michael Jackson and he a desperate Australian fan right out of the eighties …..
    did u know that this month alone, an inf unit lost 14 jawans and seven severly wounded officers …. two of them had the flesh blown off their legs …. and did we ever talk of Maj Tayyab and another Lt both embracing shahadat in Bajour …. and all this happened in a span of two days ..
    No we dont talk about it … we dont … because our president is too busy flirting with a gori and making statements about hugging her …. too busy trying to convince they GENERAL ASSEMBLY that we the Pakistan are too fricking dreadful, even to bring the murderers of his wife to justice….. it was not the president of pakistan speaking … it was more of a speech by the husband of benazir talking in general assembly ….
    and what to talk of ….. other statements …’THE WORLD IS SAFER PLACE BECAUSE OF MR BUSH’.. I swear to god i get tears of fury in my eyes .. just thinking about it …..
    please someone tell me.. where is the Chief Justice … where is the roll back on Musharaf’s pro american policies .. where is the control and relief for the poor .. where is the so highly spoken of law and order ……
    please someone tell me …..
    after all … we made this happen …. we elected these bastards to the throne ……
    my rage is unprecedented …… so many people died in marriot … and all these gods in the government are trying to do is to somehow twist this all into a attack on them …..
    i lose friends every day out there …. every single day ….. but no sir … Mr gordon blows the whistle and the dog goes running to his masters ……what do we get in return ….. cancellation of all british airways flights to pakistan ….. he goes running to his grand master … and he closes down all visas from pakistan …….. and to add cherry to the icing …… drops of couple of more bombs in pakistan … 😀
    thank you Mr president for making Pakistan even a better place for us all to live in …..
    why are we complaining .. after all …. WE MADE IT HAPPEN


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