Nice Steps by PEMRA

Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), has done a nice job by deciding to cancel the licenses of 400 illegal cable operators across the country. It has also decided in principle to give the permission of commencement of a new channel broadcast in Balochistan and two in Lahore.

PEMRA has come a long way in the leadership of chairman Iftikhar Rasheed, who has done a wonderful job in ensuring the freedom of media, though it has its fair share of dark spots. It is indeed a very welcome blow that PEMRA has decided to take action against the illegal cable operators, but in addition to this PEMRA is also permitting to new licenses in the almost the same numbers, so it should ensure that the same faces who are being rejected don’t come back with new and fake names.

Government of Pakistan established PEMRA to keep a legal check on cable operators and also it is the duty of PEMRA that no cable operators dares to show the illegal, pirated, obnoxious movies to populace. But there are many greedy cable operators who are openly making fun of PEMRA’s rules and regulations. Cable operators are running their own channels showing every sort of sordid movies and stage dramas plus the local ads.

PEMRA should check that cable operators stick to their code of conduct and also keep entertainment within the moral and legal limits.

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