New Words, Same Intentions

US General David D. McKiernan is the new guy in the town after likes of Mullen and Boucher, and he is repeating the same previous mantra in the new words with the same intentions, but at lease he is giving some room to the Pakistani security forces and not taking pure sides with the Afghan propaganda fully dictated, backed, facilitated and marketed by the Indian intelligence agencies with the help of Israeli Mossad.

The thing is that the Talibans from the FATA area are having some intermittent go at the NATO forces, as the US drones and missiles strike at the FATA areas, which result in the causalities of children and ladies, and that is why there is much anger in the FATA area against the US and even against the Pakistani forces.

At a time when everyone in the country is genuinely disturbed by the prevailing law and order uncertainty, the top political leadership of the country and those at the helm of affairs are taking evasive actions, on one pretext or another, and the nation is baffled as what would become of the nation.

The biggest worry is that this new government is foot soldering for Musharraf and following it’s policies as were followed religiously by the PML-Q lotas.

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