New Twists in Microsoft Yahoo Merger

The twists and turns have not ceased and though they haven’t released yet but the reports are that Yahoo! has asked Microsoft to not to withdraw the bid and the acquire could be done at $35 per share, though now Microsoft is not that much interested and is bidding it’s time.

Microsoft is learning from the AOL bid fiasco, who later teamed up with the Microsoft’s real and formidable rival Google. Microsoft now wants Yahoo to fall in its lap like a ripe fruit which is about to go rotten.

The Microsoft is not only taking care of it’s own stockholders but also don’t want to make the Yahoo stockholders hostile and that is why it wants to give impression that it’s not aggressor and Yahoo would come to it happily and with will, and Microsoft would then dictate its own terms and would not only win money, company and people but also the goodwill.

Now the deterioration of Yahoo will get momentum and things will turn ugly for them overnight.

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