New But Old Dimensions

The new government in the United States of America is shaping up, and while the new President-Elect Barack Obama is deciding upon his team of leaders, the policies and strategies seem to be the same as of old, and the election rhetoric is dying down, and the major focus of the new administration is to screw Pakistan more, and this time they are more aggressive and are not in the mode to listen to the reason or logic, and they are not counting in the ground realities.

Rhetoric from the US as well as European political and military leadership is becoming more and more dangerous by the day. According to Strategic Forecasting Inc., a Texas-based private intelligence agency, “Pakistani forces fired upon US military helicopters along the Afghan-Pakistani border, the Pentagon confirmed. However, a Pentagon spokesman denied Pakistani claims that the helicopters had entered Pakistani airspace. Islamabad later claimed that only “warning shots” were fired and later insisted that only signal flares were fired to warn the helicopters off. This incident — almost a textbook border dispute, complete with each side claiming it was in the right place in an area where the precise border often is not clear, and subsequent revisions of statements — highlights the dangers of tensions as high as they are between Pakistan and the United States.”

But these tensions are not as much dangerous as they are being portrayed. Pakistan is not challenging anyone, and whatever protest is being launched by the Pakistani government is just lip service for its own people. But then US always need excuses and this is one of those.

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