New book on Obama claims he’s a secret Muslim

As if all the hate literature on Barack Hussain Obama wasn’t enough, yet another hate book has made it to the best-seller lists. This one, entitled “Obama Nation” is by hate-monger Jerome Corsi, who says he’s written it to ensure that Obama will never be the next U.S. president. This is the same person who wrote a book (“Unfit to command”) damaging the last Demorcratic candidate John Kerry’s reputation who lost to Bush in the elections of 2004. Among his other wild allegations is that Hilary Clinton is a lesbian and that Muslims worship Satan.

But his hatred for Obama is such that he claims Obama is a Muslim because as a little boy he attended a Madressah in Indonesia (this has been denied by Obama, who insists that he’s a devout Christian).

This book poses a real threat to Obama’s chances of winning against John McCain (the Republican Party’s candidate). It seems that in the U.S., a politician has to prove that he has no connection with Islam if he wants to win an election!.

3 thoughts on “New book on Obama claims he’s a secret Muslim”

  1. I am sure that he would have been defected from rising within the ranks of US democratic party had there been any clue or even a whisper that he is a Muslim. Ofcourse the US politics and media is controlled by the Jews. Why? because they are smart and they are wealthy Giving out donations to the candidates and party of their choice. Nonetheless this also tells us that no matter how civilized dear uncle sam wanna be there are elements of leg pulling and mud slinging rampant and common in the echelons of power & for the race for white house. The buck doesn’t stop anywhere!!!


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