Need of more Schools

The need of education cannot be under-estimated or ignored in any society. Pakistan being a developing country has a sever shortage of educational institute where individual can acquire quality education. In a meeting between Minister of Elementary and Secondary Education, Sardar Hussain Babak and the chairman National education Foundation it was disclosed that during current financial year 2008-09 more than 400 community schools will be opened in NWFP for which qualified teachers, consumable items and books will be financed by BECS project.
The Minister highlighted the current situation of education by informing that at present more than 2.60 million children less than nine years of age are not enrolled in schools because of non-availability of schools. While discussing the implementation of the plan it was notified that there is lack of coordination amid federal and provincial governments. To overcome this difficulty a committee is constituted.

It is hoped that the steps chosen by local governments will benefit in increasing educational facilities in these areas. We must understand that education is the formation of the whole man, enabling it to serve others rather than being served.

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  1. One reason why kids are not in school is because they work to support their families. You have a 9 year old working to support his parents. When a child is supporting his father, how is the father going to put him in school. He will lose a part of his income and will have to spend on top of that for his child’s education.

    Indeed, we need more schools but it is the crushing poverty that forces children to work and even if we did have more schools children will not get enrolled.

    This is my opinion. You have every right to disagree.


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