Need a job?

Famous seats of learning – higher education institutions, universities, business schools – in the world have become labour markets and talent hunting grounds. Graduates from higher education institutions are hired against heavy benefits, perks and promises. Many a times, when there is a competition between intended employers rather than future employees, the bids are increased.

This is what happened to a business graduate who had toped at the Oxford: When the student came out of the convocation hall, he was first greeted by his family and friends. Later, he started getting offers then and there: One businessman said, “I congratulate you on your brilliant success. I will be pleased to make you part of my concern. Your salary will start at £ 50, 0000.00 per month . . .” An automobile manufacturer was about to open his deal when a shipping tycoon drew the attention of candidate to himself and started, “We are too pleased on your success. My company wishes to have you on monthly £ 50, 000.00 plus an apartment in a prestigious neighbourhood . . . ”

Then came a beverages businessman who after congratulating him put the price tag of £ 75,000.00 monthly, accommodation where ever he wished in London and a car for him and another for his family. Moreover, he was told about one month annual break any where in the world on the company’s expense. The candidate accepted the offer!

A senor citizen with his wife was passing by the site who after hearing this “auction” remarked, “This is a new kind of slavery. Now capital is taking over intellect.” His wife added, “No. This is not colonialism by needs and wants and not the wealth.”

Another young man who was standing nearby commented, “If this is a slavery of needs and wants then it is being perpetuated since beginning of the humanity.” The winning candidate over heard all these comments and started moving out to meet these people. He could not do that. They had already gone.

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