Nayyar Zaidi writes about his Detention and Defense

Nayyar Zaidi’s detention is still shrouded in mystery. According to initial reports and as per Stark County online case dockets, he was detained at Stark County Jail and later released to Federal Authorities by Massillon Municipal Court, Ohio. That was back in March 2008 and it is assumed that he is still in detention. However, Nayyar Zaidi’s wife strongly denies his detention. She has even turned down official help from Pakistani’s Embassy on grounds that her husband is US national and has not renewed his Pakistani passport when it expired 9 years back.

Irshad Salim, Editor-in-chief of, who initially broke the news of Nayyar Zaidi’s detention, shares a 14-page, handwritten document sent to him by Nayyar Zaidi (through his wife) on August 5th. In this document Nayyar Zaidi has elaborated on his detention and defense.

Going through the document, it seems that Nayyar Zaidi and FBI affair goes back to the ’90s. He was fresh immigrant and thought he has arrived to a land of justice and ‘equal rights to all’. The case that started with a complaint lodged with FBI about medical malpractice, turned into a war of egos between Nayyar Zaid and the FBI. For now, it seems that he is completely trapped, bogged down and have no defense at all. He has kept at a US detention center, denied bail twice and been subjected to a media trial.

We should all protest and raise our voices against this discrimination. However, we should be cautious as Nayyar Zaidi has requested not to say anything with even the appearance of any interference in court’s proceedings.

Document Source: Oscar Tango

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  1. What I have “guessed” from his document is that there are no other charges except unlawful sex against him. He has been handed over to the Feds and they are asking for more and more time from the Judge to build up a case against him.

    Nayyar Zaidi should have learned that long ago. He expects justice from a system that is most unjust and cruel. When US Senate and Congress okays genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq and their judiciary does nothing on that (guess they never heard of Suo Moto?), how come they notice the rights of a immigrant who still has loyalties with Pakistan?

    This is the price everybody has to pay who want to live in United States of Injustice. Who know, they may link him up with Al-Qaeda and parcels him to GBay.

  2. We should all protest and raise our voices against this discrimination. Mr. kashif aziz im hundred percent agree with you , i dont know why oscar guy could not give comment in his blog. Blog is your own property and you are not obliged to be neutral being a journalist.Blogs are meant to profess or give your opinions.

    Mr. zaidi should know that , one have to pay the price specially if he is a US citizen and in Love with Pakistan. Here the condition is that we have Huqqani who is Pakistani Ambassoder in US but played Us spoke man instead.

    Why Mr. Zaidi should look a help from those people (EMbassy) who are even not in position to help Pakistan.

    Mr. zaidi is saying ” Sun tu shaeen jahan mein hai tera fasana kiya” i think he should be ready to say ” Mere Mehboob watan tujh pe ho gar jaan nisar .. mein ye samjhoon ka theekane laga sarmaya e tan… ai mere piyare watan” Zaidi is not in
    jail for resaon described , he is paying the Price for being in Love with Pakistan having a US citizenship.

    We are happy that zaidi is at least in good health and wrting his columns from Jail. rathey A neuro scientist a pkistani women scientist ,MIT graduate has been kept 05 years in abduction . was rapped and physical torture many times lost three childrens, still going through strip searches…..


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