Nayyar Zaidi flown to Missouri for psychiatric evaluation?

Nayyar Zaidi, currently detained at some federal prison in Ohio, has been will be taken to Missouri for a psychiatric evaluation.

Based on the psychiatrist’s evaluation, the court will then decide if Zaidi is A) capable of undergoing trial. B) if he should remain under psychiatric evaluation until he is capable of appearing in the court.

Under US law a judge may order that an accused be evaluated for mental and psychological fitness in order to undergo a trial. Same yardstick applies if the accused wishes to represent himself or herself.

The alarming aspect of this evaluation is that he could be committed “for life” to a psychiatric detention facility until it is determined that he is fit to undergo trial. That could mean a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Nayyar Zaidi flown to Missouri for psychiatric evaluation?”

  1. Nayyar Zaidi has not been flown to Missouri!!! Please get your facts straightened as it is the job of a journalist to investigate before reporting to its viewers….Zaidi is still at the dentention facility, waiting to be taken for evaluation, he is also awaiting for his appeal….He is reaching out to the community, senators, and desperately wants a lawyer that will stand up for him in court…. Next time, try to act report “Responsibly!”


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