Nawaz Sharif’s Ineligibility

Already Pakistan is standing at the crossroads (by the why when it isn’t?), and mammoth problems are erecting their heads out of their holes. Situation in the interior of the country is as alarming as it is on the borders and the stature of Pakistan in the international community is being dented by the Indian and Jewish lobby, and yet we are not over with pulling each other’s legs.

Now the thing is that Bengali model of politics is being hatched in Pakistan. One of the most popular leader is being victimized and the dictator and his new companions in the garb of Asif Ali Zardari are trying to sideline the PML-N and its chief, and now they want to snatch the Punjab government from them, while keeping them out of the national assembly.

The controversial and political decision of Lahore High Court, in which the PML-N chief was rendered disqualified from contesting the election is highly condemnable and very dangerous for the future of the country. Had the deposed judges been restored and had the Musharraf been sent to home, today this wouldn’t have happened, but perhaps that is why Zardari was unwilling to restore the judges.

Nawaz Sharif should recognize Zardari and his shenanigans.

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