Nawaz Sharif is Talking Sense

In an amazingly sensible statement, which is so rare in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif made a very workable and reasonable offer to President Pervez Musharraf. He was addressing to different public meetings across the country, when he said that if Musharraf agreed to reinstate the suspended judges, only then he was ready to forget the bitter past and then he would be ready to go ahead.

He hastened to add that if Musharraf didn’t restored the honorable judges then it’s impossible to not to boycott the elections 2008. He pledged again to fight for the restoration of constitution, judges and the human rights in the country. Whereas Benazir has said that constitution is more important than the judges, and restoration of constitution shouldn’t be delayed whereas judges can be dealt with latter on. Fazlur Rehman wants to shun everything rightful and lawful.

After the announcement of election schedule and the oath ceremony of His Highness, it was expected that Musharraf would go ahead and lift emergency at once, and would also start a nationwide reconciliatory campaign, but then in parallel everyone knew that its just a fool’s paradise.

It’s a very golden chance for Musharraf to save the face. It really is and its perhaps the final one for the retired generalissimo. If he just reinstates the judges and also through backdoor channels mend ways with them somehow, and thus render his opposition speechless and excuseless, then it would be a big feat for him. But the thing is that the Lota League wouldn’t allow him to do so in any case. The biggest beneficiaries of the election boycott are the Quisling League.

If Musharraf opens up his heart and embrace his arch rival Nawaz Sharif then it would be an astounding step, and a leap towards the moon. Its highly unlikely and its also more difficult in the situation where US is trying to install Benazir as the Prime Minister, but who knows?

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  1. Perhaps Nawaz Sharif is trying to talk sense now because he has been told to do so and perhaps that’s why he was able to come back. Perhaps it is also part of his return package to not run in the present elections, and perhaps that’s why he is not very enthusiastic about taking part, much to the frustration of his party workers/hierarchy.

    After being kicked around during his ill fated, ill planned and ill timed previous return, he is trying to distance himself from the religious parties and PTI. Last time he relied too heavily on their advice and expected too much fan fare upon his arrival, but sadly, nobody showed up. So this time around he is trying to put up a balancing act. Indeed experiences in life make you wiser.

    Every body including Nawaz & BB should realize that it is the benevolent state of Pakistan which treats its looters so honourably, if it was another country they would have been locked up for twenty years at least. Nawaz should thank his stars and powerful patrons for bringing a mediocre person like him this far, he should now continue to work to diffuse the current situation and work with every body else to take this country forward. No confrontation! No Chaos. Both BB and Nawaz should thank the lawyers for making their return possible, and then of course dump them. Meantime the radical threat should be reduced to manageable proportions and the country with the help of its professionals and businessmen should continue to stride ahead. We will have our elections; we will get back our media albeit a bit more sobre and the judiciary will remain the same, sadly. There is a chance that Ch. Iftikhar will be re-instated but not as Chief Justice.

    By the way whatever you see in the Q-League can be described as tier 1 opportunists of PML(N) whose vacant places have been taken over by tier 2 opportunists in the same party. So, singling them out is not fare, in fact in the past 8 months or so to my amazement Q-League has held its ground, their stand has been clear i.e support Musharraf. But, the same cannot be said for the other major political entities of this country who are trying to tap dance on the road to power.


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