Naughty Ads

Power of media has tremendous effects in molding the mindset of people. The graphic images can change the entire thinking or a research of many years in less than a minute. Pakistani private channels and media have revolutionized the lifestyle of our people. It’s a two way street. It depends on individual what information to retain and the superfluous must be ignored. An intelligent viewer may also sense the slant in reporting and remains careful in acceptance or rejection of news.

The rapid progress made by Telecom Industry is praise worthy. However the amount of airtime they get to advertise is increasingly becoming irritating. The quality of ads are losing quality and are outright cheap. The new campaigns where young people are shown being naughty and mischievous just sends a wrong message to the masses. This may be happening in the country but more percentage of people still considers it a taboo. I would like to ask the marketing managers and campaign authors why can’t they show sons calling moms, fathers calling sons, brother and sisters chatting and enjoy lengthy long distance calls. Why is it that only a boy calls a girl or someone drooling over the other, saying double meaning dialogues will capture the audience only? If you happen to hear the add on local radio you would also feel the voices are also worked upon to be “filmi”.

In the past the ads were making sense and had better impact due to their clarity of purpose and efficient delivery of corporate offer. Now they are just selling decadence and lust concealed in it.

5 thoughts on “Naughty Ads”

  1. What’s up? Bored in class here, decided to introduce myself.
    Umm so like does anyone know how to unblock bebo from school?

  2. symbols and subliminal messages that construct the vocab to target audience also tickels fancy of our unchartered territories .. all in delibration to effect the other side which is most of the time, sinister and indulging.

  3. some key words for what you have mentioned in literacy,meidium is the message,not only refer to what delicious food of message medium offers,also to great changes medium has brought to the hunman.the effect of medium,magic bullet theory,common audience are target for message,accept whatever medium offers,limited effect,like opinion leader,agenda setting,now comes to the macro effect,like cultivating theory,knowlege gap theory……
    when talk about Ads,i think there is a key word “steretype”.meium construct reality,pay attention to media reality,it is the not the real one!different add and medium has different appeal points!some for the commercial,some for sense,some for entertainment…..amusing ourselves to death,the disappearance of childhood by Neil Potsman,books of Mcluhan are also great!


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