Natural Beauty of Islamabad in Danger

It goes without saying artificial beauty is nothing in front of the natural beauty. Natural Attractions cannot be replaced by the man-made artifacts and one cannot extract that pleasure from the artificial things, which one could get from the natural creations.

Pakistan’s capital Islamabad is known by its greenery and serene atmosphere, but would it be so after couple of years? Its hard to say. Swarm of traffic has compelled Capital Development Authority (CDA) to develop more roadways, and widen the existing road network. Its a good thinking, but the price is quite high.

Islamabad still has fresh and lush green scenery, which feel very cool on eyes and soul. Islamabad’s this young beauty is vanishing rapidly as trees, grass and plants are being replaced by concrete, mud heaps and charcoal. Once, due to the neighboring Murree, the environment and atmosphere of Islamabad the capital was very pleasant. The winter season was longer and deeper than now, and summer wasn’t as severe as it is now. Mornings were very artistic and gratifying and nights were very pleasing and nights were very enchanting and enrapturing.

But painfully enough, such is not the case anymore. Greenery is getting scarce. The population of the city is increasing like crazy and traffic problems are increasing which are also resulting in more noise, dust, smoke and all the kinds of pollutions. The greenery which was once the hallmark of Islamabad now only exists in the lawns of huge castles in posh sectors of the capital.

CDA has taken a fine step of constructing new roads and refurbishing the existing ones, but why at the cost of the leading asset of the city? If road development is inevitable, than its equally crucial to take care of the green life in the city. If the plants and trees are removed, then its also imperative to shift them at some other location in the city.

In the country, forests and trees are already very scarce and even Northern areas are getting affected. Just celebrating tree-growing adventure once a year in the country is ridiculous. It should be an ongoing activity, and when CDA cuts one tree, it should sow the seeds of two at some other place.

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