NATO’s War on Terror

According to a spokesman of ISPR on night 10/11 June, Frontier Corps border check post at Gora Prai in Mohmand Agency was destroyed by coalition Forces in Afghanistan through aerial attacking result of which eleven security forces personnel including one officer embraced Shahadat. The spokesman condemned this completely unprovoked and cowardly action the FC post and regretted the loss of precious lives of our soldiers. He also informed that a strong protest has been launched by the Pakistan Army and we reserve the right to protect our citizens and soldiers against aggression.

The protest by the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani and the Pervez Musharraf (who is directly responsible for this attack) are nothing but a useless utterance of the words. NATO doesnt understand the verbal protests. Had they understood it, they would have stopped their drones and missiles attacks long ago. They have been carrying on their attacks at liberty and now it has become a norm.

Pakistani forces must retaliate with mighty force, and they should target any drone or plane coming in from the Afghanistan without permission. They should fire at anyone coming in from the Afghan border without warning. Only force could teach a lesson to these dastards.

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