National Reconsensus Government

Now Lahore has rocked with a bloody explosion which occurred because an unscrupulous human being brainwashed by the shadows and blinded by the emotions blew himself among the policemen, who were there to control the lawyers, who were protesting against the banishment of higher judiciary.

It could be an attempt to halt the Election process. This could be yet another effort to subvert the polls and democratic (of whatever flavor) process in Pakistan prior to the Elections, which are scheduled to be held on 18th February. Government shouldn’t allow such elements to undermine the democratic process, and henceforth President (retd.) General Pervez Musharraf is steadfast in holding the election on the announced date.

Opposition parties should also work closely with the government to ensure that elections do happen at the time. But the bigger onus lies with the regime apparatchiks, who has to first alleviate the oppositions’ fears and charges of rigging. Both the bigger parties PPP and PML-N have charged the local and provincial and also the caretaker government of arranging the pre-poll rigging and have lodged their complaints with proofs with Election Commission.

The common perception is that regime is trying to give cover to the King’s party PML-Quisling, and if PML-Q doesn’t get ready for the elections, elections could be delayed more in the name of law and order situation .That would be very tragic and terrible. It’s been on the record that local governments in Punjab and Sindh are acting as the henchmen of the PML-Q candidates. Election Commission and the caretaker government is also partisan, and state machinery is being used to support the cause of PML-Q.

If elections are delayed on any pretext while PML-Q carries on with strengthening its position by solidifying rigging measures and by subjugation voters and opponent candidates, then it would be a crises at very larger level.

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