Naeem Bokhari: Quests of the Brilliant Lawyer

Mr. Naeem Bokhari is very eminent and highly respected in community of lawyers. On Feb 16, 2007 he wrote an open letter to none other than the sitting Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, in which he made certain grave allegation regarding misuse of his authority as CJ of Pakistan.

It was such a bold step that, it not only shook the entire judiciary but also, put otherwise peaceful Pakistan in a never ending grave turmoil till this day. General (retd) Musharraf who was looking forward to such an opportunity to settle personal scores with the CJ, lost no time to sack him finally on Nov 3, 2007 along with sixty odd judges. Lawyers stood up in support of deposed CJ and left no stone unturned to compel the most arrogant military dictator. Some political opportunists also capitalized upon the tussle between President and sacked CJ in their election campaign. Consequently Mr. President had to quit on August 18, 2008 to enjoy golf, while leaving the country in shambles.

Now the daily News (20-10-08) has revealed that Mr. Bokhari has hit Dr. Shahid Masood, MD and Chairman PTV, below the belt that could strain relations between the PTV Chairman and Information Minister Sherry Rehman.

Well done and well said Mr. Bokhari. Now we are waiting for some other sort of turmoil, courtesy Mr. Bokhari. We citizens of Pakistan, who want to see America in a similar turmoil, request Mr. Bokhari to go ahead and write an “OPEN LETTER’ letter to Bush so that America should confront a similar, devastating situation he has put Pakistan in. And why not? After all he is a brilliant lawyer!

3 thoughts on “Naeem Bokhari: Quests of the Brilliant Lawyer”

  1. I am sure Naeem Bukhari is from Middle Class approach. While speaking at ARY he said that CJ should remain silent only use his pen. But being advocate Mr. Bukhari proved himself to be artist of media. He cheated Tahira Syed. He reached to PTV through Tahira Syed. Nothing more nothing less. He is/was known by Tahira Syed.

  2. Mr. Naeem Bokhari is indeed a brilliant lawyer and he would always be respected for his bold stand against rude, crude, uncouth, discourteous and protocol hungry Chief Justice of Pakistan namely Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Unfortunately an equally brilliant lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan made a hero out of Iftikhar Chaudhry by orchestrating a stage drama of lawyers movement inorder to gain political ground against Musharraf while settling his scores with Asif Zardari who had sidelined talented Aitzaz. It is high time that Aitzaz Ahsan should be given an important position in Pakistan Peoples Party as early as possible lest he succeeds in picking another hero from the jurassic park of violent community of lawyers created by the Americans to destabilize Pakistan for its eventual denuclearization. Our nation has great expectations from Mr. Naeem Bokhari and it seems that he will succeed in bringing about the removal of Iftikhar Chaudhry from the office of Chief Justice of Pakistan for the third and final time through his daring advocacy skills in PCO Judges case. Keep it up Mr. Naeem Bokhari. May Allah be with you.


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