Mysticism of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

shah latif bhitai

” Sufi is made one with all,
Like breath in veins,
What he achieves he discloses not,
To dislose is a sin, by this he abides.”

…….Bhitai [sur Yaman Kalyan]

Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was born sometime around 1689 A.D. (1102 A.H.) at a small village called Bhainpur near Khatian. More properly, his birthplace was Hala Haveli (a cluster of houses to the Southeast of Bhainpur, not very far from it), of Taluka Hala in Hyderabad district of Sindh . He died, at the age of sixty three, on 14th Safar 1165 Hijra, that is, 1752 A.D. To commemorate his memory, every year, on 14th Safar of the Hijri Calendar, an Urs – a fete, a fair – is held at Bhitshah, where he lived the last years of his life and where his elaborate and elegant mausoleum stands.

The vary nature of that creative insight of sufism within Bhitai resulted in intense feelings and deep contemplation that provided him with momentary glimpses to fathom the Divine essence and the reality of things.

“Sufi is not limited by religious bounds,
He discloses not the war he wages in his mind,
Helps and assists those who with him fight.”

……….Bhitai [Sur Yaman Kalyan]

Shariat is a stage in which the seeker has to live according to laws of religion as strictly laid down, observing all the rituals. Tariqat is the stage of renunciation which soon leads to the next stage of Haqiqat , the truth, that stage in which the seeker is granted revelation of the true nature of the Godhead and which is retained. Maarifat is the stage of the spiritual journey where the evolved soul of the seeker finds itself in Divine approximity.” Concerning the origin of mysticism, Bhitai quotes the words of the Holy Qur’an:

“Beloved is in your lap, why ask others?
His signes are in your soul, why not learn and contemplate?
To seek her love, none went to market place.”

“Beloved within you and you seek him here and there
He is “closer to you than your vein jugular,”
Yourself is the hurdle, between your love and you.”

………..Bhitai [Sur Sasui Abri]

Since Bhitai contemplates chiefly on the Divine attribute of love, his mysticism has also been called love mysticism , as most of his surs reveal. He contemplates too on the Divine attributes of beauty, compassion and munificence, signifying them by symbols which are taken from our own mundane world, familiar to the masses.

In the relentless search of truth, Bhitai was seized by an intense longing for a direct approach to his Creator. His soul was constantly thirsting for the Divine and all things Divine. This lead him to the path traversed by mystics. His quest for eternal truth became his primary concern. He found God in everything – believing that “All that is, is God,” rest is all illusion and deception.

“Foremost, omniscient and supreme is world’s Lord,
Of His own might in existence since aeons old,
Mighty Creator, Merciful, Sustainer, One and Only,
His praises sing, He planned and perfected the universe.”

………..Bhitai [sur Kalyan]

Although Bhitai is mainly referring to the sufis, who are the seekers of the path which leads them ultimately to the revelation of eternal truths, it can be applied to any one who pursues an ideal and struggles for its achievement. He too is confronted with many hardships and has to sacrifice much in various ways. If he is selfless, sincere in the pursuit of his goal, is not dismayed by the many obstacles and hurdles that come in his way, then undoubtedly he will succeed in achieving his ideal. This in fact is the under-current of nearly all surs. Madam Khamisani emphasises that, “God is Shah Abdul Latif’s beloved in all the surs of the Risalo.”

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  1. Thanks for writing on such an interesting topic of Love of God. I think love of God is basic concept in mysticim, be it of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai or any other Sufi.

    Modern world considers Sufi a person who has left the world for God but as you have mentioned, one doesn’t need to leave the World to find God as is so near as its said God lives in Momin’s heart. Sufi loves and God and his love demands to be coloured in way the beloved God likes. Sufi struggles to transform himself according to the God’s wished and in his persuit ignores things that are considered normal in world but which are not so he tries to transform his character whichi is infact following of Shariat. Outside shariat, there is nothing as shariat is code of conduct given by God through Prophet.

    God has created this world because He wanted to be recognized. He loves His creations. He moves ten steps towards a person if the person moves one step. He Runs towards him if the person walks towards Him.

    People who keep their eyes close towards God, aks if its possible for anyone to see, hear or feel God. He is Present, He is Great, He is Kind, all u need to is open your eyes and look into your heart.


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