My schooling

When I think of my schooling, it reminds me of a lot of schools I have been studying in. My father is a retired army officer and while he used to be in army, he had to get posted after every one or two years. So, we also had to move with him. I remember I started my studies from Rawalpindi. I cleared my nursery there and went to Kharian where I did prep and then went to Shinkiari, where I passed class one and two and so on. This is a very long story, but in short I have been studying in more than eleven schools.

I, my sister and brother had to memorize a lot of notes when we were migrated to the other school. Sometimes, the entire syllabus used to be different from the one in the previous school, so we had to put our efforts to learn all the notes. But we really hated it.   

Similarly, I completed my college studies from four colleges. Thus I thank God for my father have retired and I am doing rest of my studies while staying at one place.

I really have had a tough time regarding studies. That’s the same problem the children of army men face and hate.

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