Mushroom growth of educational institutions

It has been observed that these days it has become a business to open an educational institute. A large number of institutes and coaching centers have been opened in the last few years, offering different courses and promising the students success in their exams in a few days and at a low fees. These coaching centers are just making profit at the stake of students’ future.

Basically these coaching centers are dragging students away from studying throughout the year and indulging in them the habit of studying just for few weeks, but by doing this they are ruining the abilities of students. When these students take a further step in their practical life and join any university or professional college, they find it difficult to study there. However, it is not just the fault of these coaching centers but teachers, teaching in government colleges, are also responsible for this menace. These teachers instead of teaching properly in colleges find it more attractive and profitable to open tuition centers at their homes and earn large sums of money. They simply mesmerize the students with their words to attend the same course at their own tuition center, and give them the charm that they will be provided with ready made notes. The system of examination in Pakistan till Intermediate level is concentrating more on increasing their memorization power rather than opening their mind and making them able to think in different perspectives.

This system of education is just curbing the abilities of students. Do you think that this system is preparing the students to face the challenges of tomorrow?

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