Musharraf’s Last Days

Though presidential spokesman Maj-Gen (retd) Rashid Qureshi says that Pervez Musharraf is here to stay and the rest would have to go if they try some sort of adventure, but the writing on the wall is that these are the last rays of the sun of Musharraf and there is no turning back.

Even Americans and Army have left Musharraf in the cold to rot, and PML-Q honchos and acolytes are trying some eye washes to keep their former boss in the happy deception and these would be the men who would vanish when the ultimate hour comes. It is imperative and goes without saying that for full restoration of the Constitution, and for the survival of this nation and for democracy in this country, it is very necessary that Gen Musharraf resigns himself, or he should be dragged out of the den by impeachment.

Ex-Servicemen Society (ESS) is also very active in this regard and they are also demanding blood for their previous boss. The ESS leaders, including Lt Gen (retd) Saleem Haider, Lt Gen (retd) Jamshed Gulzar Kayani and Gen (retd) Salahuddin Tirmizi have said that Musharraf should not only be impeached, but he should also be tried.

Whether tried or not, his very non existence in the president house would cure many ills.

22 thoughts on “Musharraf’s Last Days”

  1. @ faraz
    I fail to undertand what te heck are we so afraid of. There is no saviour but Allah and only HE sends help. Its not a presidents and PMs of country as they ALL think that when they will wane Pakistan will plunge into crises and by Allah’s grace none of it happend earlier and its NOT going to happen now.

    As for last eight plus years of rule I would say the opportunities were fantastic for Pakistan to get some good deals out of the super powers that have been wasted. We sold ourselves cheap. We lost respect and dignity in commity of nations. We now are flattened by bad economics, flawed foreign policies and mindless national strategies all that were stop gap arrangements. We would have been much better if greedy politicians were there since they would have done a better job overall. I firmly believe it.

  2. @ faraz hussain …. sir will u just please justify two things for me? 3rd nov. emergency and mass abduction of pakistanis…u can all say this becoz u have not been affected at all… ask those whose loved ones got sold for dollars !! and faced nightmares at BAGRAM and GUANTANAMO BAY 🙂


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