Musharraf’s Complaint

President Musharraf has complained to his allies in the ruling party, that they have left him at every crucial juncture, and he has to defend himself on every issue. He also added that if the current setup breakup then the loss would huge for the country.

In his speech to the parliament party of Muslim League (Q), president said that whether it was an issue of Afghan policy, or the issue of Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan, or Akbar Bugti’s issue, or the issue of judicial crisis or 12th May, nobody from the ruling party comes forward and play any catalyst role to help him resolving the issue.

He has also added that what is the purpose of then this army of ministers and consultants? How right he is. If you look at the events occurred in the recent past, you would see that President Musharraf seems to be alone in defending the government policies, and his allied politicians are as usual weighing the prospects of slipping to any other arising bright opportunity.

President Musharraf has done lots of good to this country. Surely, he has made many mistakes, but then who hasnt here? Musharraf’s policies have enabled the introductions of a free electronic media, the transparency in accountability, improvement in macro-economical situation, and many many more. But now the image is tarnishing due to the mishandling of issues.

I would request President to reassess his allies. Force them to come forward, and resolve the issues. President should take measures to diffuse the tensions. The show downs with lawyers and journalists are unnecessary and are only harming the image of this government.

We can’t just simply implement a real and true democracy in the Pakistan overnight. President’s gradual steps are right and will lead us to a true democracy, but only if he reassesses his allies. President should use these allies to get reelected for president, and then introduce fresh, educated, dynamic and brave mindsets.

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