Musharraf Won’t Go

President Pervez Musharraf said that he could not resign in current situation and if anyone wants to impeach, there is constitutional procedure available for it, and also he told the selected group of the journalists that he didn’t want to use the 58(2)B, but if anyone would try to clip his wings, he would use his own powers to counter such moves.

Musharraf like every previous dictator is failing to read the bold writing on the wall. He fails to understand the sentiments of the people. He is unable to understand that he has become the most hated personality in Pakistan, and there is nothing he could do to improve his image, as the dead bodies of people died in his operations cannot be resurrected in this world at least by the mere mortals or by the miracles.

Musharraf was posing himself as a very innocent and harmless thing, and he seems to think that he has bathed in the sacred water, and he says that he never done anything bad, and he just likes to play golf and nothing else, and he didn’t have anything bad to confess, and he still wants to service the nation.

So nation, its time to get behind the lawyers movement and to tell the dictator by forces that we don’t want him anymore.

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