Musharraf Will Be Remembered For…

Kargil Operation

Coup d’ etat in 1998


Shaukat Aziz

Receiving famous Telephone call after 9/11

Chaudhary Shujaat as Prime Minister

His forgotten promise about laying off uniform in 2004

17th Amendment

Controlling Opposition

Agra Summit


Operation to get rid of Bugti

Steel Mills Venture

Deposition of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary

Freeing and Curbing of Media

Freehand to Police for beating civil activist, lawyers and political workers

Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid Operation

Price hikes, Hoarding and Load Shedding

North Waziristan Operation

PCO and Emergency

Presidential Elections in Uniform

Laying off of Uniform

Announcement of Elections 2008

And he is still there, so the list is open.

19 thoughts on “Musharraf Will Be Remembered For…”

  1. Another intelligent reply.

    The space here is limited so I wrote a post – ‘Pakistan’s problems and the solution.’ I hope you find some answers.

  2. most important

    musharraf will be remember for

    a person who doesnt deserve to be a councellor of any street
    is in full power as president

    well……….we think he is the badmash of the country
    saab se bara badmash

  3. I am grateful that you found my reply worthy of review 🙂
    I don’t think I have strayed from the topic at all. Your claim as it appears to me is that “the entire country is rotten to the core” which is a hyperbole compare to the superficial generalization put forth by Mr. Lakhani.
    Let’s get clear about certain things. Firstly, facts or proofs are something that are insatiable such as the “fact” that the earth has one moon. Facts, however, are not perceptions. The statements you so generously ascribe the title of “fact/evidence/proof” are nothing more or less than your point of view. It is something that you believe based on your personal research and experiences. It is not the common truth. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
    Having said that, I agree with you that there is a lot of wrong doing in our country. There is corruption, and a whole lot of it, and there are people who would sell their mother if they had the chance. However, please don’t make the mistake of believing that the 160,000,000 people who live in this country are all the same. We all have our virtues and vices. Those that you speak of are indeed the scum of the earth. They would have you believe that they are the majority. But my friend the “fact” is that they are not.
    Are you not a Pakistani, I’m sure Mr. Lakahni is too, and so am I. I think we all agree that the acts that you speak of are despicable and should be condemned in all forms. So of the three Pakistanis discussing this issue, all three are good people and would never do such dispiseable acts. From what appears, this country has at least three good people who aren’t rotten to the core. 🙂 Therefore you are mistaken in claiming the rottenness’ of the entire country as fact. 🙂
    Now, coming to your particular issues, the problems that you mentioned are not problems for Muslims alone. Prostitution, corruption, nepotism etc. are not particular to Islamic societies or the sub continent. These problems are the results of poverty, lack of education, and clear a lack of better opportunity for changing one’s life. My problem with your argument is simple. These ills are not all that common. Yes whore houses do exist and they seems to be doing well at what they do. But they cater to a small minority. You my friend are claiming that this minority is the majority and thus the common man. The common man, who I feel no shame in claiming myself to be, is much better than that. Where we do lack in this regard is our indifference towards those who let these vices thrives. You and I may never visit a whorehouse, but we don’t make sure it gets closed down either. You and I know that people take bribes for performing the duty that is due without any charge, yet when we see such a person we don’t question him or his ethics.
    Like I said in my earlier reply to your comment, it’s good that we acknowledge the problem. However, acknowledgement is not enough. We all have to go one step further and make sure that our values and ethics prevail in the land we call home. It needs no violence, it needs no money, it needs no power, what it needs is will and collective action.
    I hope I have made some sense 🙂

  4. Good reply but you need to prove your point instead of changing the subject

    The argument is that the whole system is rotten to the core. Mr Lakhani gave proof supporting his point and i added some more. Can you give any proof against it?

  5. My friend, each one of us is responsible for our deeds, good or evil, at the Day of Judgment. I’ll leave that at that.

    As far as “your” perception, and its unique to you in my opinion, things are nowhere near as bad as you portray them. I do not deny the existence of such ills, those that are ills, but it is by no means the predominant status of our people and their affairs.

    There is no cowardice in looking towards a better tomorrow. What you acknowledge as bravery is indeed brave, but it does nothing to solve the problem, very little if you must. It takes greater courage to acknowledge the problem and then set out on a path of good virtue to rid society of such ills. There is no better example of this than the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
    So be brave and say “I will make things better, I will do what it takes to make Pakistan the great nation state that it ought to be!”
    If you cannot bring yourself to do this, then you know better than I who is rotten to the core.

  6. Stating facts as they are is not being a pessimist or a complainer. Life is too short to be a coward. Stand up and speak the truth.

    Evil exists everywhere but the amount of evil that exists in this country is unbelievable.

    There is nothing good happening in this country. Everyone is busy selling and buying drugs in one form or another. Whether it is in the form of rishwat or interest or whatever it may be. Money has become the drug of the east. Everyone needs rishwat because people dont understand that Allah puts barkat in halal income which becomes enough even if that money appears to be less. Allah puts nahoosat in haram income and even if it may outwardly appear to be more it will never be enough. More rishwat and interest is the result. Allah said in the Quran that those who take (or give) interest wage a War with Allah. Does man think that taking interest will make his money increase?

    It is only the strength of eman that will enable man to be honest due to the fear of Allah. Even the people who used to be honest become corrupt once they get power and money. Because their is no eman, their is no fear of Allah. Forget about the power of eman, just ask any policeman, judge or politician the last time he prayed and he will tell you he doesn’t remember.

    Forget about politicians and people in power. Look at the common man.

    Lying, backstabbing, cheating and fraud is the trait of the common man. Common men are rapists. Common men are murderers. When a poor muslim girl ends up having to work as a prostitute to feed her small children the entire whore house gets filled with muslim men.

    Brothers have become enemies over money or a piece of land,
    children dont care about old parents, their is no namaz, no roza, no decency, no humanity. Nothing.

    Mr Lakhani said the whole system is rotten to the core. I say the whole country is rotten to the core.

  7. You are entitled to your viewpoint, however, I don’t agree with your sweeping statements regarding everyone being a “crook”. You paint such a bleak picture as if nothing good is happening in this country, and everyone is selling, buying, or doing drugs. Everyone woman who steps out is raped and the authorities are not functioning. Please, get out of your Punjabi film fantasy and take a look around. I agree with you to the extent that terrible things such as the ones you mentioned do happen in our beloved country. Evil exists everywhere. You tell me one country, or city, or state where such evils do not exist. Evil will always exist. You are bringing nothing to the table by stating the obvious. What you and I can do is do a better job in our communities and not allow evil to flourish. Come on, life is too short to be a pessimist 🙂

    Contrary to your belief, the system is not rotten to the core, there are a few individuals within the system who are corrupt and are the cause of the problems. Such people must be brought to justice. The system must be allowed to work. Speak up when you see injustice. It only thrives when no one is looking 😉

    I agree that an independent and impartial judiciary is the need of the hour. However, recent events brought the impartiality of certain judges to question, of which the former chief justice was of key note. Was it not obvious to you that his antics were more political than they should be?
    When a judge tries to become the aggrieved, the suspect, the judge, the jury, and the executioner, he or she is clearly a despot. Such was the case. A free and fair judiciary is one that stands by its decisions, fulfills its obligations, interprets the law and that is about it. When judges want to run the state, they too are attempting to take the right of suffrage away from the citizen. So when you say a free judiciary is needed, I agree. But that does not mean that a judiciary should operate beyond its prerogative.

    You and I can do a lot; let’s start by being pro active citizens as opposed to hyper active complainers. 🙂

  8. You and I cannot do anything, because the government is composed of crooks. And the crooks cannot be removed because they control the police. The feudal can rape every woman in his fields and still remain free. The policeman makes money by allowing drug dealers to operate freely on his beat, yet you can’t sack him. The robbers and the dacoits are also related to influential people. The whole system is rotten to the core. Musharraf had the chance to improve the situation, yet he allied himself with known crooks like MQM and PML(Q). And when his position became precarious, he had no qualms making a deal with the PPP. Unfortunately even elections cannot solve our problems because the same crooks will be voted back into power. Until the judiciary is free, you cannot expect things to change for the better.


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