Musharraf Opens Up

President General (r) Pervez Musharraf thinks that Lt. Gen Jamshed Gulzar Kiani, the previous general of Musharraf has violated the constitution and especially the official secret act. First the said act has been formed in the previous century by the colonial authorities and doesn’t apply in the current situation.

And ok, if Musharraf accuses Lt. Gen Jamshed Gulzar Kiani of the violation of the official secret act, then Musharraf has also violated the constitution in his book In the Line of Fire, and he has told many secrets in his book about Kargil, 9/11 and many other things, and to add insult to injury he opened his book in the heart of America, and told them everything.

And Musharraf has achieved optimum place in the history by breaking the constitution two times, and he has also involved in over thrown a democratic government with 2/3rd majority. Musharraf also says that intrigues and conspiracies are going on against him. He has been hatching conspiracies for well over nine years, and he sees conspiracies everywhere.

So, one thing is clear that Musharraf won’t go at his own, and he has to be taken out kicking and screaming.

1 thought on “Musharraf Opens Up”

  1. Ahh!!! how power can corrupt someone, MUSH is a perfect example

    Once upon a time there was a general who would face cameras openly, now he selects perfect time and situation and how own chosen journalist to give an interview

    Once upon a time a general would make his argument based upon facts and logic and how that same guy keeps on denying every argument he is not happy with and keeps on lying and making up stories of his own, acting like a hypocrite egoist person who has gone mad in power’s lust.

    The only thing he does in interviews these days is to say falan is wrong, falan is that, falan should look there and falan should do here.

    He never bothers to look into his own collar and what he did in last 8 years. Always keep on throwing every blame on all other persons but himself.

    Seriously i dont even feel like hearing him anymore.

    A story teller, he has become


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