Musharraf Hides Behind Rashid Qureshi

The tone and the posture of Pervez Musharraf, the retired COAS, and the about to retire President in his latest meet-up with the selective group of journalists was very revealing. In this press briefing, though the talk of Musharraf was nothing different from the past, and there was no remorse or the reservation, but he underlined told everybody that he was mentally prepared to be sent home.

Musharraf admitted lightly that he knew that he could no longer use the killing leverage of 58(2)B, and Musharraf also admitted that he was no longer interested in pulling off conspiracies against the elected government. Well, he didn’t’ say it exactly, but then we have the liberty of molding the words of our former commando, as he had the liberty of molding our world without asking from us.

Now whenever something happens at the national political horizon, we don’t get Musharraf on our T.V screens threatening and flaring, rather we get his spokesperson Rashid Qureshi, who tries to join earth and heaven to prove that his master is the happiest man on earth, and there are no worries at all for both of them, and they would remain here for eternity.

This is yet another sign for the departure of the tinpot dictator.

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