Musharraf For Another Five Years

Maj. General (Retd.) Rashid Qureshi has tried to throw cold water upon the glee of happy nation by saying that President Musharraf has been elected as President for another five years, and the demand of Nawaz Sharif that he should step down cannot be accepted. He further added that the elections were not presidential elections, rather they were for the prime minister.

President himself said that he would go when nation wanted him to go, and this election result is the clear message by nation for him. They rejected his policies and his party, and they clearly want a change, and they really mean it. They want democracy and they want justice and they want to exercise their basic rights.

A new morning is seemingly appearing on the horizon. A fleeting light is there at the far corner. The forces of darkness are trying to block this ray of light, but we have to fight them and save our democracy.

2 thoughts on “Musharraf For Another Five Years”

  1. religion and politics should NEVER be mix. They are two completly diffenrent things and one has nothing to with the other. Religion is personel and sacred, politics and the way we make laws must be based on the needs for people and not what you think God said. God must say different things to different people becouse not everybody thinks that God said the same things to them. Until this philosophy changes the world unfurtunatly will stay full of hate and ideology for eternity.


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