Mushahid Blurts Out Truth

Mushahid Hussain has made headlines in the newspapers and made a field day for the electronic media by saying that if the coming elections would be rigged, then it would be a complete disaster for the country.

This statement coming from a top-lota of PML-Quisling is really inspiring and lesson-oriented. Truth, no matter from where it comes, is always refreshing and should always be welcomed. This is true that these are very dire times for the country, and country needs a change, and also democracy is the ultimate solution for the current crisis. But this change and democracy could only come if the free and fair elections are held in the country.

Mushahid Hussain Syed, should also realize that the biggest hurdle in the way of free and fair elections are his party, the ominous and notorious PML-Q headed by Chaudharies of Gujrat. All the main opposition parites, PML-N and PPP are accusing PML-Q of pre poll rigging. Many neutral observers and activists of civil society are making noises that PML-Q is using state machinery and police with the help of local government officials to rig the elections.

Also when the caretaker government, which is primarily a B-team of PML-Q is very much dubious in its neutrality, and also when Election Commission is partisan, then its very hard to believe that things will fair in the elections. So Mushahid should also put some sense in his leadership.

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