Mush Denies Do More

It is more gory and disgusting if there is no agreement between Pakistan and United States about the drones attack in the tribal region of Pakistan, because that means that the lackey is more servile than earlier thought and all that money which goes into the billion was just for other services, and one trembles even to think about those services.

Former President Pervez Musharraf has rubbished do more rhetoric from US and said there is no secret understanding over cross-border attacks. Pakistan has done more than anyone else in war against terror. Musharraf said India should stop talking about surgical strikes, as Pakistan is ready to cope up any adventure with full force.

That and Musharraf is not only lectures in the Pakistan, he is also showering his immense wisdom in the United States and he is on his way to give lectures in the United States and one wonders what he does there.

He should also give a lecture in New York Bar Association, which gave Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, the deposed justice the life time achievement award. It would be a fun and a huge lesson to Musharraf, the smelly dictator.

3 thoughts on “Mush Denies Do More”

  1. hi,,Musaraff is a Leader. you will soon realise this within a year ibet my life on this…ppp and pml (N) they all corrupt including PML(Q)..Musharff is a honest person He admits what he does ..he made some mistakes but he is not alone to blame 4 it..LONG LIVE MUSHARAFF My vote is for you always..


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