Mullen’s Support to Pakistan

US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen’s visit to Pakistan just before elections has proved to be a sigh of relief for the present regime, as Mullen jee has pompously declared that Pakistan is the best thing ever happened to United States, and America is proud of its fast friend, and there is no question of invasion or attack on Pakistani areas.

Other not-so-gullible political pundits and gurus are saying that he is not there to shower roses and chocolates upon the Pakistan as a gesture of valentine day, but he is there to ask Pakistan to intensify the war on terrorism, and to ask some more amenities in that regard from the junta.

“I am going back to Washington quite satisfied,” he said, adding that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were in safe custody and would not fall into the hands of extremists. He said that border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan were “very tough” where Pakistani, Americans and forces of other countries were facing new threats. His country, he said, would continue assisting Pakistan to effectively fight terrorism. Admiral Mullen said that both countries would have to work hard to build the partnership to improve the fight against terrorism.

This is the first open and complete US support Pakistan has received from the masters in Washington in all these months, and one wonders their implications and other tidbits.

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