Mr. Zardari’s offer to “hug” Ms Palin

I wonder how the president of an Islamic Republic can even think of hugging a woman who is not closely related to him. But Mr. Zardari even said he would hug her if his aide insisted (the aide had merely asked him to shake hands with her).

It reminded me of Condoleezza Rice being annoyed with former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz (just what did he do to annoy her was never made clear). But you must remember that Ms Palin could well be the next U.S. Vice President (and thus a heartbeat away from the White House itself). And although she once won a beauty contest, she’s reported to be very conservative (you have to be, if you want Republicans to vote for you).

We’ll have to wait a few says before the lady comments on Zardari’s gaffe. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I would never have said any such thing to a lady, even if I had ten billion dollars.

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  1. Mr Nasir Jamal. The question at hand was never if Sarah Palin is conservative. What you are implying here is that Mr Zardari, The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the right to utter such rubbish, if the daughter of the lady in question is pregnant with child out of wed lock. WOW .. what bull C***. I happen to have served in the armd forces. During my training years, i considered our instructors to be the best, the most perfect humans in the world. Because they behaved as such. Their outlook, their behavior, their commitment to their job, everything. In the later years i realised that they are normal human being just like you and me. Then why they presented themselves like that when in the shoes of being an instructor in the academy. were they hypocrites. No. They we plainly living up the responsibility of being in the place where they could influence the minds of the people. Their cadets. Once you are in a place of responsibility. You have to live up to its demands. your age, stature, status and appointment puts certain demands on you. If you cannot live up to them, better sod off than to bring a bad name to the institution. I wrote it else where too…. it is not that Mr Zardari has changed, he is just exposed. Simply showing his true colors 😀

  2. Just a few comments here :

    1. Zardari’s behaviour towards Sarah Palin is a disgrace and an embarassment just as Zardari’s own position as president of Pakistan is a national calamity.

    2. I think is a great web-site but there should be only one article per topic or the whole issue becomes confusing. There were two articles alone on Zardari and Sarah Palin and the front page looks untidy. If there are further developments to an old story such as that of Nayyar Zaidi or Aafia Siddiqui only the latest news should be posted.
    I am sure there are many authors wanting to write on Mr Zardari’s ignorance of statesmanship but first of all, his father-in-law Mr Bhutto got drunk and tore up the Poland resolution in 1971 at the same UN General Assembly which resulted in the secession of East Pakistan and second if people want to continue writing on Zardari and Sarah Palin the comments section is always there. I wish I was on the editorial board of Chowrangi to prevent this unnecessary defacement of what looks like a great web-site for discussing Pakistan but I will discuss that later.

    3. Sarah Palin’s Conservatism ( the Zionist-Christian version) is not neccessarily incompatible with her unmarried daughter’s pregnancy. It only proves that Christian conservatism is confusing, elitist, hypocritical and has one rule for the ruling classes and another for the church-going masses and whatever else Christianity has learnt after its defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan and its sacrifices for Zionism and Israel.

    4. Let us forget about Saarah Palin. With the Democrats controlling the Congress, Sarah Palin and her comatose idiot Republican nominee are certainly going to lose the election. It is not just because Americans cannot fight for Israel any more but also because Jews have received so much bad press over everything including the Wall Street bailout that they have decided to not continue with another pseudo-Bush in the White House. Jews and “neo-cons” are willing to compromise to such an extent that they have agreed to instal a black man and to shift the focus of military action instead of the Arab world to Pakistan, a country which trusts its sensitive security to thieves and traitors like Zardari, Choudhry Mukhtar and Rehman malik and is certainly an easy prey. Obama receives the support of muslims but keeps promising to bomb Pakistan with none of our “na-mard” diplomats and lobby daring to stop his unacceptable remarks.

    The decision we have to take is now as we are on the verge of history today. Either we think about Zardari, Sherry Rahman and Sarah Palin or about what dust-bin they belong to.

    Let us all only think about how we can protect our country from enemies overt and covert. Ameen.

  3. Sarah Palin is very conservative. Her daughter Bristol Palin is quick with child without being married, yet Sarah Palin is conservative. It is said that she faked a pregnancy and her youngest son is in fact her daughter’s son, yet she is conservative.


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