MQM in Opposition

Altaf Hussain is a convicted criminal. Altaf Hussain Bhai, the chief of MQM and the supervisor of all the terrorist activities in the Karachi city has fled the country and is now in residence in London with a British passport.

In one case, FIR 211/91 of 24/6/91, filed by Major Kalimuddin in Landhi police station, Altaf Bhai and six others were awarded 27 years RI by the special terrorist court. That is the reason, Altaf Hussain doesn’t come back to the country.

He in his yet another drama has extended hand of friendship towards PML-N, and the PML-N leadership has asked him to come to the country and then the friendship will be done, and they have offered him a special plane to bring him back to country. Though Altaf could buy hundreds of special planes from the “Chunda” money he has accumulated from the city of Karachi.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle, the new I.G of Sindh needs to once again put the genie of MQM back in the bottle by hook or by crook. MQM in opposition is not a pleasant thing to deal with.

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