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Motorways / Highways: Is Nation facilitated or the Government?

All of us use to travel on Lahore / Rawalpindi motorway and other national highways through out the Pakistan. I being resident in Rawalpindi region take the example of Lahore / Rawalpindi Motorway and National Highway from Rawalpindi to Peshawar.

A Traveler gets in on his car reaches to motorway toll plaza at Rawalpindi for Lahore, gets his entry token (Card) and runs towards his destination. When he reaches Lahore he has to pay Rs 150 to exit the Motorway. Now what happens with him during the journey:

  1. He has to pay extra rate on per Kg CNG than usual.
  2. He has to pay more if he decides to stop in any rest area than the market rates of consumable items.

As multiple taxation is prevailing in Pakistan and every Government is committed to further broaden the Tax base but no one is committed to stop multiple taxation in Pakistan.

The same is the case is traveling by road. The example of motorways was taken just to paint the issue. We pay Income tax from our salaries then when go to market to buy home consumables then again pay sales tax, travel on road pay taxes in form of tolls etc, go to hotel for dining pay taxes, buy medicines pay taxes. A survey should be done to calculate how much percentage we have to pay from our income to the government in form of taxes and duties and what is the return if we compare out country with others. And what is the benefit to a tax payer over a non-tax payer?

I want the viewers to answer the following questions in public interest.

1. Should prices of general items (Foods etc) be reduced on Motorway?

2. Only one side toll payment should be charged in same date?

3. Toll free roads?

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  1. They are finding out way’s to pay taxes , to fill their pockets by any mean’s …. Goverement dosen’t care , What ever you earn just pay off all , and getting nothing in return !


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