Motivation in Learning

Are you a career driven person? Are you willing to spend extra time out of your normal routine to learn new things and to polish the existing ones? Not exactly insanely ambitious, but energetically motivated enough to advance your learning by exploring things at your own?

In the dynamic field like Information Technology (IT), this is imperative. By keeping in mind the fast and rapid technology changes, the ever-changing job landscape, the fierce cut throat competition and the dearth of quality, its hard to self-advance oneself.

No doubt about the reality that there should be a motivational element to drive you on alien paths. But equally important is the availability of pleasant helping material. I have often found that whenever I get a cool technical book or an idyllic technical manual or a witty tutorial or anything pleasurable in my course of learning, my learning curve, no matter how steep, seems to be smooth, placid and fluid.

But more often than not, unfortunately, I have found the helping material very much boring, colorless, odorless, impersonal and very out of the way. It discourages the learning process and makes it more bland and painful. It does exactly opposite to what it really means to do. It makes learning a curse rather than a blessing.

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