Mother’s Day …. Give Mom What She Deserves!

She changed your diapers, fed you, clothed you and for years spent way more time on you than she did on herself. She’s your chauffer, a shoulder to cry on, an advice giver, a nurse, a housekeeper and world’s best sounding board. Given that job description, your mom probably deserves some more thought on Mother’s Day than a last minute run to the store for a card and flowers. Not that the day is ignored… by any means.

Mother’s Day is the peak day of the year for long distance phone calls, the second largest for gift giving and the busiest day of the year for many restaurants. She’ll smile if you give her chocolate, but what else can you do to show Mom you appreciate all she does? Well there are list of things for example:

Take any piece of work you’ve done… a drawing, a photograph, a poem, a painting… and go to the frame store to have it matted and framed. No matter how old you are, moms love the gifts her children make for her.

Buy a blank journal. On each page write a message of thanks for something your mom has done/ instilled/ supported through the year like thank you for teaching me the value of hard work…Thank you for always believing in me…. Include a note instructing mom to reread the book often to remind her how much she is loved and appreciated.

Personalize an apron using fabric paint or iron-on transfers form your inkjet printer. Decorate with family photos or use stencils to paint on your decorations.

Forget any piece of exercise equipment she doesn’t specifically ask for. Kitchen appliances, garden tools, cleaning supplies and cheap, poorly arranged flowers will never make a mom’s top ten gift list. Jewelry is always appreciated, as is the promise of help with household chores. Just think luxury, hand made, or pampering and you won’t go wrong!

Wishing you all a happy mother’s day in advance 🙂

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  1. Great congratulations zunairah,may god bless our society where thing are going to dark regarding the respect of parents.anyway great attempt once again congratulation to zunairah.


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