Most Indian Muslims can’t open bank accounts!

bank accountMuslims in India are treated worse than Dalits. They are widely perceived as being pro-Pakistani and supporters of self-determination for the people of Kashmir. So it’s not surprising to hear that Indian banks are denying banking facilities to most Indian Muslims.

According to The Hindu, Indian banks have designated those areas where Muslims are in the majority as “red zones”, and these localities are not provided banking facilities. Muslim students who have won scholarships and live in the red zones find they cannot open bank accounts.

It seems that Muslims are more discriminated against in India than blacks in the U.S. This is the real face of Indian democracy!

10 thoughts on “Most Indian Muslims can’t open bank accounts!”

  1. Remarkable publish! I at first observed your blog page per week or so ago, and I desire to subscribe on your RSS feed.

  2. i really dont agree with this article!i had a bank account since i was in class mom had a bank account since she was in class 8.being minority in india(~35% of population i guess)we recieve special scolarship.i get half of my yearly educational expence since matric.i dont know what article you read but the article must have brought serious misunderstanding.there mite be few people who mite hate muslim but they are out in 1:10000 ratio

  3. Bodfod/Hend: I have given the link (The Hindu) in the post. Please read it and stop distorting names, it may relieve your frustration somewhat but it indicates that you’ve not had a good education.

  4. armaan, maqdoom, rakesh – you all indian liars. i also indian and it is constitutionally banned in india for muslims to hold bank account. please refer to the indian constitutional expert shakoor lakwani. please all stop lieing and agree to whatever shakor says.

  5. i exactly agree wid mr. CONFUSE INDIAN.
    also i appreciate da way, RAKESH and MAQDOOM KHAN has responded…….
    love india, love indians…

  6. salm to all we muslim in india are living very peaceful life rather then any muslim country,no body discriminate in any field of business, we love india and india will be next super power (inshaallah) pakistan don,t have to worry about us, pls do some thing about muhajirs

  7. Which fool said that muslims are not allowed to open bank accounts in India, had you ever visited India? I work in Bank and have n-number of muslims having accounts, the hell with your knowledge, but for your kind information, if muslims would have not been allowed, how you terrorists could have been able to access money transfers in Bank for the sake of terrorism? Its a habit of Muslims always to be have a back side attack and this is one of the example

  8. confused indian: some scholars have said that bank interest is not forbidden (“haram”). However, no interest is paid on money kept in current accounts, so most Muslims prefer to keep their money in current accounts. Also there are Islamic banks, which do not pay any interest to depositors, but pay money according to Islamic principles. A banker in Dubai told me that in the UAE, Hindus are the biggest depositors in Islamic banks (because Islmaic banks give them more than what non-Islamic banks would give them as interest).

  9. have you try to check what kind of policy british, american or european (except for swiss bank) adopt for new customer.

    please enlighten us about that too.

    buddy, they are not for social services, and like all good banks in the world indian banks are also trying to boost their bussiness, if people of particular area or community are consistently failing to submit loan in time what banks do. keep them feeding and having pile of NPA.

    by the way, in other article in chowrangi someone telling us that earning interest is prohibited in islam, so why good muslims like to open bank account.

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