Most Important Table Manners for Children

Every parent wants to instigate their children into the world with the skills they need to be successful. Equipping children with good table manners is a chief lesson that all parents should want to give to their children. Using good table manners allows the hub to be placed on the talk not on the act of eating. Having good table manners gives people the self-belief to participate in any dining situation with no difficulty.

If parents begin teaching manners when their children are toddlers, by the time the kids are in kindergarten they will have mastery of the basics.

For the well being of the children, even busy families must find the time to sit down mutually each evening for a meal. Teaching children the correct way to set the table is a perfect start for introducing the use of utensils, plates and glasses. Explain where each utensil is placed, what it is for, when it is used, and the correct way to hold it.

The subsequent is a list of table manners that your child should know by age six.

1. Wash hands and face by sitting down to the table.
2. Sit down in their proper seat and put their napkin in their lap.
3. Wait to begin eating until everyone is seated and has been served.
4. Stay seated in their seats without jiggling in their chairs, going under the table, or getting up and down.
5. Say, “Excuse Me,” and ask permission to leave the table.
6. Elbows do not go on the table.
7. Mouths should stay closed while chewing.
8. “May I please” and “Thank you” should be used when children would like food and never reach across the table.
9. Participate in the conversation during dinner and no interruptions when other people are talking.
10. Slurping, burping, squealing, singing, humming are all sounds that are not to be made at the table.
11. It is never kind or polite to make negative comments about what is being served for dinner.
12. Before getting up at the end of the meal say, “May I please be excused?”
13. Ask if adults would like them to clear their dinner plate.
14. Thank the cook.

Preparing children for later life starts the moment the baby is placed in the arms of the mother. Teaching children to use good table manners is an astonishing gift that will serve them well right through their whole lives. Parents will be proud that their children are using the good manners that they have taught them, and more outstandingly children will be polished and refined and capable of being comfortable in any situation.

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