More than 80,000 cell phones snatched last year in Pakistan

Nokia Mobile Phone snatching in pakistan

If you are a proud owner of any Nokia cell phone then it might bother you that most of the cell phones snatched last year ( almost 75%) were of the same brand. So keep a close eye on your dear one.

CPLC Citizens Police Liaison Committee has issued the report on Cell Phones thefts/snatching in Pakistan from February 2009 to January 2010. Overall the shocking figure was 81,945 out of which 36,377 have been reported in Karachi whereas 45568 have been reported in rest of the country. Gulshan-e-Iqbal inhabitants had suffered the most number of snatching in Karachi which is above 1700.

CPLC has compiled all the snatching and theft information data under four categories. Zone wise, town wise, color wise and Brand wise theft. Interestingly they have put in a lot of effort in this compilation but didn’t mention how many cell phones have been recovered? perhaps not a single one. Also the zone and town wise theft data can be used to increase police patrolling in particular effected area so that street crimes can be reduced but what is the use of brand and color wise gradation? How could it be helpful for controlling mobile phone theft?

Nothing can be done to recover you lost/stolen or snatched mobile phone unfortunately apart from blocking it. In order to get your stolen/snatched phone blocked you have to report its IMEI number to PTA or CPLC. You can get IMEI number of your phone by entering *#06# into any GSM based cell phone. Unfortunately it is not the definitive security but it will surely give a satisfaction that snatcher can not use the phone any more. Just as Ghalib said,

Dil kay behlanay ko Ghalib khayal acha hai 🙁

5 thoughts on “More than 80,000 cell phones snatched last year in Pakistan”

  1. The more one investigates, the more one comes to know, how the ruling party of Karachi for the last ten years is using it as a source of incom. More than 36000 mobile snatching in a single year in Karachi is itself a proof of failure of the ruling party of Karachi. The party is using it as a source of incom. Police is also involved in street crimes in karachi takes her shares and we know the police is totally controlled by the govt. The party is also famous for extortion money in karachi because of no other source of incom.

  2. James: most people don’t write down the serial numbers of their cell phones (out of laziness, I guess). Secondly, it’s commonly thought that the police are hand-in-glove with the thieves and anyone going to report a theft to them will be harassed. A friend of mine was once kidnapped and escaped after two hours. He went to the cops and for the next ten days they used to call him to their post every day (sometimes after midnight) and would question him as if he was the kidnapper. Fortunately he knew someone in the Interior Ministry who told the cops not to harass him. Of course, the criminals were never caught.

  3. Shakir, why are people stealing all these cell-phones? Seems like as soon as the owner reported it stolen and had it shut off it would be worthless; the thief might get a few calls out of it, but after that–nothing. What’s the deal? The magpie syndrome, maybe?

  4. Hundreds of shops sell stolen cell phones. Once the police arrested a couple of such shop-owners and the entire mobile phone market on Abdulla Haroon Road in Karachi shut down in protest. The shopkeepers even burned a government vehicle parked on the road (apparently these pious Muslims don’t agree that buying and selling stolen goods is a crime).


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