More polio cases in Pakistan can be reported this year!

Polio virus circulation increases in monsoon season as it is a high transmission season for this virus. Experts have predicted that there are high chances of more polio cases to be reported in Pakistan this monsoon.

According to the latest reports, a 5-month-old child in Islamabad fell prey to this disease. With him, Pakistan’s total count to polio has reached 25 this year. With the increasing velocity, there are chances that the sum of polio cases by the end of this year may cross the last year’s record that was 31 with Sindh having 12 polio cases, NWFP 11, followed by Balochistan with seven cases and Punjab with one polio case.

Federal health authority has attributed the recent rise in polio cases to the Sindh province in this high transmission monsoon season. A source form federal health authority has said, “according to generic sequencing details, six cases reported from outside the physical boundary of Sindh can be linked to the same virus that is targeting in parts of Sindh.” The two recent victims Wajeeha and Tanzeela from Matta, district Swat have the origin of their virus from Karachi, showed the laboratory tests. Simultaneously, two other cases detected from Punjab had a history of the parents traveling to Sindh. According to generic sequencing of these children, the virus can be traced back to Sindh.

The rise in the statistics of polio cases with the country has exposed the neglected behaviour of agencies. The federal minister for health Sherry Rehman is too concerned regarding the recent increase in polio cases. For this reason she has advised the provincial health authorities to devise a counter strategy. She has also requested

A factor that can be held responsible for rise in polio cases in Pakistan is the change in leadership of “Expanded Programme and Immunization.” Previously Dr. Rehan Hafeez very well handled the initiative. Right now, the world has its eyes on Pakistan for the reason that it has a potential to become one of the remaining four endemic countries, such as Nigeria with 508 cases, India with 348 cases, Pakistan with 25 and Afghanistan with 14 cases, receiving polio free-status.

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