More Fight in FATA

Things are becoming more and more complicated in the tribal areas and in the settled areas of NWFP, and it seems that there is no end to the alarming restive situation and there is not even any value of Jirgas remained there, and now as the security forces are methodically doing operations, the tribal factions are also at loggerheads among each other.

The fight is going on between numerous small time tribes and even among the militants to gain the power and in their bid to achieve the upper edge they are also using heavy ammo to destroy each other. Civilians are also getting hurt during this. Over 50 houses were destroyed in Tagano Klay, Gul Muhammad Klay, Kando Klay, Haji Ismail Klay and Kaj Klay areas of Kurram Agency.

Even the heat is touching the city of Peshawar, which is the capital of NWFP. Security has been beefed up in Peshawar after some miscreants opened fire at a police station. That incident has really put the terror in the city, and people are very apprehensive and once again the talk of threat to Peshawar is being heard.

Peshawar is very very critical and government of ANP with the help of federal government must ensure red security measures to counter any untoward incident. Police has set up check posts on the entering and exit points of the city for checking while order has been issued to arrest suspected persons. But they need to be more proactive.

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