Monster Tom

The very first night Mr. Zardari slept in the presidency he had a nightmare. He saw an empty bottle with a sealed top. Due to curiosity he opened it and look, with a tremor a monster appeared and said that he is going to eat him (Zardari) up after he makes three wishes for compliance. Mr. Zardari spontaneously obliged and said his first wish is to eliminate Taliban and terrorists, the second is to stabilize economy and third is to provide roti, kapra and makan to poor people. The monster replied that he cannot do this but instead may give him (Zardari) one more wish. Mr. Zardari then wished the monster to go back into the bottle. The monster replied, “I am not stupid like Russians” and disappeared.

Mr. Musharraf had let loose the Monster Tom to roam at will anywhere in Pakistan. He wants to swallow our territory, sovereignty and N-bombs on the pretext that this technology (A-Bombs) may fall into the hands of orthodox Taliban and USA will be destroyed. How stupid it is? It reminds us of a tale that a lion and lamb were drinking water from the same stream. The lion wanted to make the poor lamb his feast. He accused him of making the water dirty. The lamb said that he is drinking down the stream and hence cannot make the water dirty. The lion said, “then it must be your father,” and had a good feast.

The Monster Tom (USA) is on the rampage. We must unite to put him back in the bottle before he swallows us.

4 thoughts on “Monster Tom”

  1. Mr Yusha, you sound like a stillborn who refuses to accept any of the moronic stunts that the Pak military does daily and blames all on the US. Stop living in delusion and come out of the madrasas and have a modern education.

    The biggest problem is the ISI and the Pak army. They are the ones who are creating all the problems in the region. Taliban, mujahideen, jehadis are just some of their creations. No wonder they need to be reined in soon. Hence, the US bombing is fully justified.

  2. Might is always right…even in present days world. Just recall Gen Powell’S UNGA address Presentation of Iraq…nothing found even today and millions killed thats whats called weapons of mass deception in right hands!!!

  3. Sad, you are again missing the woods for the trees. The real menace here is the Taliban and their backers in the Pakistan army and the ISI. 3 of whom have become a gallery of rogues.

    No wonder Tom is around. If not for Tom, all 3 rogues would have spread their tentacles far and wide and destabilise the whole region.


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