Money Is Happiness

Love of money is the root of all evil Lack of money is the root of all evil

Money is HappinessI keep hearing things like money can’t buy happiness, can’t buy love, and paise se kuch nahi hota (from tablighees). I would like to settle this issue once and for all.

First and foremost, I would not be blogging on Chowrangi if I did not have money. I would not be able to afford a laptop. Nor would I be able to have an internet connection. Now let me move on.

Take a person who has to worry about getting evacuated because he can’t pay rent, has sleepless nights worrying about his children’s future, worries about his phone, internet, gas, electricity and water bills, worries about how he will pay the doctor’s bill, has to sleep in the blistering heat as he can’t buy an A/C, whose wife has to wash clothes with her hands because he can’t afford a washing machine, whose children don’t have toys to play with, who begs others for money, who is buried under loans, who contemplates suicide, etc.

Now take another person who lives in a bungalow, drives a mercedes, has all items like A/C, washing machine, fridge, furniture, laptop, curtains, carpets, decoration items, takes expensive vacations, travels first class, dines in expensive restaurants, has enrolled his children in the best school, etc.

Which person would you like to be?

It is obvious that money can buy comfort, peace of mind, and subsequently happiness.

Now for the argument that money can’t buy love. The answer is, there are many women who have married men because these men were wealthy, and the women fell in love with them after marriage. Also, there are many women who can and have fallen in love with poor men but couldn’t and didn’t want to marry them due to their low financial status. Here is a question. Would women marry someone who was hundreds of thousands of rupees in debt?

Money is also beneficial for spirituality. A person can acquire a lot of good deeds and a place in heaven just on the basis of money. How about going for hajj, umrah, doing sadaqah, helping someone during a financial crisis, building a mosque, spending luxuriously on one’s family, and a list of other things that are beneficial for spirituality.

How many people turn to crimes like theft due to lack of money. How many go and gamble for money. How many start smoking due to the stress of not having enough money. How many fall into other sins and problems due to lack of money.

I rest my case. If someone still thinks money does not bring happiness and/or is not important, they can give all their money to me. 😀

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  1. Money can buy everybody same things. comfort, slumber, peace, love, food, water etc etc can be bought at an expense of Rs. 10000 to Rs. 1000000. but the words ‘money is not everything’ is uttered regrding those people who are accumulating more and more wealth, forgetting some very essentials of life like religion, respect for others, simplicity etc. they would accumulate as much as 100 billion rupees but would not just stop and I m not supposed to quote examples am I?. Now that billion of rupees as well only buys these billionnaires food, water, health, peace, clothes etc. they cant wear gold, cant eat more than required, cant drink murcury, cant poop musk :D. But as Allah said ‘and most of the people are in oblivion……….’.


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