Middle of fore head: Bad tempered, can be cruel, should guard against accidents in.

Left Temple: Spend thrift, head strong, should try to live a quiet life.

Right Temple: Very energetic, exceptionally able, should guard against illness in the later life.

Eye brow: Preserving, happy in marriage, should beware of lightning and food poisoning.

Outside corner eye: Honest of thought, needs to be loved.

Ear: Wealth, fame, recklessness.

Right cheek: Successful life.

Left cheek: Will succeed, is studious, and struggling.

One on each cheek: Successful after a hard struggle.

Bridge of nose: A sincere friend.

Tip of nose: Wealth and extravagance.

Left side of nose: Untrustworthy but lucky, should beware of the supernatural.

Right side of nose: Great travelers, needs an outdoor occupation involving plenty of movement.

Upper lip: Lively, friendly and loyal.

Lips: Greedy but helpful.

Lower lip: Quiet and studious, more fortunate in later life.

Side of lips: Very talented in extra curricular activities, has a good aesthetic sense.

Chin: Conscious has common sense and artistic ability. Makes the best of any opportunity and improves with age.

Right lower jaw: Should beware of dangers from fire and water.

Left lower jaw: Critical, should take care of health.

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