MOIN Khan: a Role Model?

Moin Khan, “The Man of Crisis”, a very good wicket keeper is admired by almost everyone. His innocent face also added to points for honoring him. I remember when it was the world cup, I used to wait a lot to watch only Moin’s batting who would come to stabilize Pakistan’s position.

But when I read the news that he has been arrested, I was traumatized. I couldn’t think of any reason for which he could be prisoned. Anyways I went through the whole article and again I was shaken to read that he used to beat his wife while drunk. Moin Khan “beat” and “drunk”, the words really made me upset.

These are those people whom we consider the role model and if they start doing such things, then who we are going to trust as the role model and the national hero?

2 thoughts on “MOIN Khan: a Role Model?”

  1. Everybody has its own personal life, whether a common person or a star, but when someone is liked by so many people, then he should live carefully.


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