Modicum of Support

The coalition of Pakistan Democratic Alliance is in shambles, and the forays of the every kind of crisis in the first hundred days of the government of parties which were the ambiguous winners of the February 18th elections, has left the life to a stand still and the uncertainty has become order of the day.

While the situation is getting gloomier at the Western borders with every passing day, there is also very much grave and serious concerns on our Eastern borders. In the West, the NATO forces are building up and on the Eastern, India is getting excited, while Kashmir issue is in the cold.

That and it seems that the forces os status quo are once again getting active, and General (r) Pervez Musharraf, who is still the president of this unlucky country is getting hyperactive and preparing a charge sheet against the government, and also reminding the masters in Pentagon about his achievement against the militants.

At this juncture there is not a modicum of support for the government from its allies, and its the need of hour that leaders of these parties should join hands and do a collective efforts.

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