Mobilink’s Mobile PCO

World is changing and so are the means of communication. Telecommunication has become an integral part of today’s life and it has radically changed the way we conduct our personal and business lives. The reliance on technology has acquired a level of dependency that has become a part of our everyday lifestyle.

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous nowadays. They are everywhere. They in the hands of an executive, and they are in the hands of a hawker. They are in the purse of a housewife and they are in the custody of students. They accompany the street-walkers and they are with the lovers. They are virtually with everyone can be found everywhere.

Its common to see mobile phones facilitating people in business, leisure, and personal aspects reaching a level of reliability and trust that has been allowed to only a few technologies in modern times. With the advent of cell phone companies in the country, new opportunities have raised and million of people are benefiting from them. Mobile PCB is one another vista of hope.

A new project Mobile PCO by Mobilink is a commendable effort, as it directly benefits the under-privileged section of the society. It not only provides new way of earning but also facilitates communication to the far-flung areas and offering a reliable source of income for economically challenged areas. It targets women at home, retired personnel and jobless youth. It can be a part time or full time job, especially for the middle class.

There are many values attached to this new innovative and useful product by Mobilink. Its affordable and the access is easy. Its is creating a new array of fresh entrepreneurs. Its an alternative source of income for individuals and for businesses. The ease of accessibility and spreading cellular coverage has made it possible to make a positive impact on communities whether in a remote village or a metropolitan area.

To alleviate poverty, Mobilink’s Mobile PCO is a very nice step, for the low income families. In the villages, people have already started to establish home-operated public call offices. One of the major evils ad concern of high degree in Pakistan is un-employment, which is spawning despondency in the country. If all the multinationals also start such programs it would greatly help in ushering a new era of economic prosperity in the near future in the country.

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