Mobile Mania

Is mobile really a need of everyone elder or younger? Think about it. I am amazed to see mobile in every hand. Well this is the ‘Mobile Mania’ gripping everyone. Only a few people use it coz they really need it and for others it is a fashion that is unavoidable. Probably it used to be the status symbol a few years ago and now a costly and latest mobile is the status symbol as almost everyone has got it.

I remember that when I got admission in the university, I was greatly fascinated with it. I always tried to convince my parents that I really and badly needed it. But they used to advise me that now it is not that necessary as you are considering it. I always thought that they don’t want to spare money over it, so they are finding ways to convince me.

But now when I have got one, I realize they were true. I spare all my pocket money on getting mobile cards and always have to borrow more money. What I have to do with my mobile? Talk to friends for no reason, sending messages and sparing my money over downloading ring tones or wallpapers. Was this the reason I badly needed it?

Though it is the young age and we are taken away by our thoughts and passions but still we need to conform to what our parents suggest and say.

1 thought on “Mobile Mania”

  1. Mobile is certainly not a need for everyone but it is useful for almost anyone. It gives us power of communication and saves time and resources. It has helped people in raising income esp of the professionals. And few paisas is not a bad deal for sending message accross the country. Its your choice not to misuse or overuse it.

    BTW, we don’t need any reason for talking to our friends 🙂


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