Missile Attack Issue

Yeah, I know that’s a non issue, and still our security forces are investigating as from where in the hell, the hellfire missile came. Condoleezza Rice has told us that the attack was done by them, and they would repeat it when needed and they need not to get permission from anyone.

I wonder what our Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani is telling Mr. Bush in Sharam Al-Sheikh, Egypt in the World Economic Forum summit for middle east. The very inclusion of our Prime Minister in that forum is very meaningful, as he has nothing to do with the economy of the Middle East, but then someone had to pay a tribute to the Uncle Sam.

Now as the rifts in the coalition government are as obvious as sun, and there is no turning back, PPP needs as much economic relief and aid as possible from the donors and helpers, and that is what its doing.

The truth is that they didn’t’ restore judges ,because they knew America didn’t want it, and America’s anger means no aid. So stakes are high.

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