Miss Fire

Whoever wanted to take life of Benazir Bhutto was very unfortunate, because he took so much pain and planning, and the target was missed and more than 150 innocent people died, which included political workers of PPPP, policemen, media persons and onlookers.

He would be really angry and livid upon this failure of his attack, as it only served the opposite. It not only made Benazir more famous, it also threw all the talk of deal, dheel and corruption in the background. Everybody is compelled to show sympathy with her. It goes without saying that such nefarious act of terrorism should be denounced at all level, and this has been done unanimously throughout the world. This attack on Benazir has done wonders for her.

She got a very heavy upper hand upon the government, and the tone of government officials including the president has become ultra mellow. Mouths of Chuadhry Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi have been shut tight. Arabab Rahim has gone into recluse, and MQM is speechless. Benazir wasn’t really on the truck, when the blast occurred. Only the workers died and common people suffered.

It was planned at a very higher level. Though Benazir is cashing in on this occasion to lash at the some of her old adversaries and has demanded the sacking of IB chief and some of other officials, it all is very fishy indeed. All those things like dress of national flag, coming out of plane in the shadow of Quran, looking upon at the sky, then shedding of tears, and then the prayers, and then a try of giving away a sweet smile, were right out of some old melodrama. Then the 16-hour journey of just 10 km was just unfathomable. It seemed that she was elongating the procession on purpose.

It was evident from the welcome procession of Benazir that people of Pakistan are so much fed-up from the dictatorship and other problems of country, that they are even ready to yet again give chance to Benazir. Worker of PPPP is still intact, though most of it came from the interior Sindh, which doesn’t really know or want to know heck about deal, corruption, pro-western agenda, or anything else. They are just dotty on the Bhutto family.

2 thoughts on “Miss Fire”

  1. pakistan has changed (since she left)

    benazir hasn’t

    she has to adapt quickly if she wants to be back in power

    “you can fool some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all of the time”


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