Mindlessness in FATA

In their own narrow world and in their own policies the terrorists in the tribal region have taken to their heart to go to their own way and it seems that there is no use of talking to them. Only force is the only and last option remains. The sooner the government exercise that, the better for the area and for the region.

Turn by turn and in a vicious cycle the agencies are being operated upon by the security forces and then there is no solid and profound lasting result. While a fierce military operation has continued in tribal region, especially in the Khyber and Mohmand Agency since the inception of the 2007, the extremist militants who now control nearly three quarters of the area have, through these couple of years, dramatically expanded their hold.

History proves that no invader ever succeeded in sustaining his existence for a long period in this region. After Russians, now Americans and Europeans have arrived here but they, too, will have to go back, but Pakistan has to stay here and bore the brunt of the aftermath of this mindless war.

After using the force, government should implement the 14-point resolution passed by the joint session of the Parliament in letter and spirit; enforce Shariah in Malakand Division and pay compensation to the affected people of the long-drawn military operation in the militancy-hit regions.

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